Welcome to the realm of common sense

In the history of America, we have never seen such insanity. Our Government, which according to our constitution we and ("they", the current ruling class in Wash. D.C.) had sworn to defend, was supposed to Protect us. Not be our rulers like a monarchy in another country. This is still the United States of America! Whether they like it or not. But if "they" have their theiving way, it will cease to be the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave. "They" want social change, a nanny state, Big Brother, Elitists bent on our destruction, and will go to ANY lengths to achieve their goals, and their own agenda.
I/we, that served, had sworn an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of a FREE America against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.
We now certainly have our share of domestic enemies in our now abusive, tyrannical, anti-Veteran malcretans, and discontents. "They" HATE America and what it stands for, "They" hate one Nation under God. "They" hate the American flag! In the name of Almighty God, how did it get this way?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We have a problem, Houston...

All the research I've done in 20 years has taken on an ominous feeling of dread, combined with the news on this administration, with it's desire to control our lives, with higher taxes, increased out of control spending, what to eat, which "light bulbs" to use, all the while, everything out of it's mouth is opposite of the actions taken. While ignoring weightier issues, such as Border security, and the breakdown of our Nation's security, will we be attacked? Who is the next "enemy"? Which begs another question - is this all  some "Plan" by the Elite to bring down America, financially, economically, our infrastructure, computer systems, etc.? Why does our own government continue to work against the Veterans, who served? Just ask Vietnam Veteran, Edwin Crosby. For over 200 years, we had no need of a nanny state to "take care" of America's citizens. Now, 10 years after 9/11, we have to have an ever-expanding Government, to handle our affairs, our health system and it's take-over by a monstrosity of a bill, tell us what to do, control every aspect of our lives? Enough already. Get out of our way, so we can begin to rebuild what's been systematically dismantled. The plan for the demise of America has been planned for decades. The current administration, has proven it has no leadership ability, no experience in small or big business, to create jobs, only kill jobs. Can't run a corporation, grow our economy, or encourage entrepreneurship. We the people have always done things very well, without Government intrusion. Thank God we still have some time to prepare for what's coming. But, will we still the right to vote in the next election? Word on the net, from what I have gathered, is that the Constitution may be suspended and that would be a problem...